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I’ve come a fair way since I’ve started. The lessons are at a comfortable level, they’re not too hard but they’re not easy either. They challenge you but not to extremes. For anybody who’s looking for bass lessons I would really recommend Patrick.

Matt – Ringwood

Patrick is a competent & serious musician. This is common, but what is uncommon and stands out is Patrick’s ability to teach. He possesses a modest, yet passionate style; full of encouragement, genuine joy when his students improve & has a vast array of tips to help improvement. He is well-versed in the canon of music history, develops/charts a course for his students to sail, and believes in their ability.
Brett -Monbulk

Bass lesson melbourne
Bass lessons with Patrick quickly gave me the skills and confidence to move from my electric to the upright bass. His teaching style is encouraging and thorough, spending as long as is needed to give you the techniques you require to get the best sound from your instrument.
I credit Patrick entirely with the speed in which I’ve been able to start gigging with the upright bass and I do not hesitate in recommending him to bass students of all levels.

Nadine – Healesville


So I’ve been taking bass guitar lessons for almost five months now – 30 minutes once a Bass Lessons Tuitionweek. I try not to miss a lesson as I find it affects my motivation to practice throughout the week. I bought my bass guitar early this year however after a few unsuccessful attempts to learn from youtube, did a search on gumtree and came across Patrick. Another reason for wanting proper lessons as a beginner was to avoid picking up incorrect techniques / bad habits that would be difficult to change later on. My prior experience of music lessons as a teenager is completely different from attending lessons as an adult whereby I have a lot more input into what I’d like to learn and the pace I choose to learn at. Lessons (though short) give me something tangible and achievable to work on during the week. I’m proud of my progress so far and feel confident that I’ll continue to get better. I doubt I would have gotten very far if left to my own devices! I would particularly encourage anyone starting out to get some lessons under their belt – I have found Patrick to be a patient and encouraging teacher with a passion for music/bass and some invaluable skills to pass on!
Shannon – Glen Waverley


I had a wonderful experience learning from Patrick! He was very attentive to my learning style and pace, and I felt supported and encouraged.


Vic – Boroondara

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