Patrick’s passion for music and education is a driving force his teaching ethos. He established Melbourne Bass Lessons for people of all ages and skills to learn in a creative and inspiring environment. The tailored lessons allow students to gain new musical skills relevant to their musical goals and integrate them creatively within music that interests them. Patrick is dedicated to providing a coherent and enriching learning experience for every student.

He has an extensive track record of producing high-achieving students who have toured Australia, gone to university and maintains an average study score of 34 for VCE music and has implemented new course content for VCE music that was approved by VCAA. He is inclusive and welcoming to all new students who wish to study bass as he believes high quality music education should be accessible to all.

Patrick is one of the most versatile electric/double bassists in Melbourne maintaining an active performing schedule in rock, jazz, classical, electronic and avant-garde music. He has gained praise for championing new music for the 21st century and in a review was coined ‘a true bass virtuoso’ for his solo performance Tilde New Music Festival 2017. He is an active member of the band ‘Future Tense’ which pushes the boundaries of electronic music and the acclaimed gypsy band ‘Devil on the Rooftop’. He has toured Australia extensively on the festival circuit, performed on live radio, received national rotation on Triple J, performed on over 25 CDs but he can be found freelancing in jazz bands at Paris Cat to the wineries of the Yarra Valley.

As an educator Patrick has taught across Australia in workshops and working in schools. He is head of bass at Peninsula Grammar and maintains two private teaching studios in Melbourne. Patrick is a scholarship recipient at Monash University (2016) majoring in performance and has studied with the ‘big names’ in the industry as well as studying in Italy. He is currently researching towards writing a thesis on double bass and electronics in contemporary & classical music and is a member of the Musicological Society of Australia. He also explores a diverse palette of world music with an interest of integrating modal improvisation from Indian Classical Music into Western Minimalism and is one of the few people in Australia that plays the Japanese Tsugaru Shamisen.

Patrick Lyons is one amazing Bassist. Not just in terms of the musicality and professionalism that he brings to his work but also his personhood and character.”

(Joel McKerrow- Performance Poet – http://joelmckerrow.com/).

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